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“Health On Purpose”

by Mike Cutino
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By Fran Petito

National Center for Health Statistics reports seventy percent of diseases are diet related. If we eat whole and unprocessed foods, we improve the outcome of our health. The human body is designed to heal itself.

Ninety-nine out of 100 people don’t meet minimum standards of a balanced diet, according to FDA data. Vitamins are essential for good health throughout every stage of the human lifecycle, from pregnancy through infancy and childhood and into adulthood through old age.

Our bodies need vitamins to grow, to function and stay healthy, and to prevent the onset of disease. However, despite the clear evidence, most people have low vitamin status.

At least 2 billion people around the world experience “hidden hunger” and do not receive the satisfactory intake of vitamins. Even the developed world, where nutritious foods are more plentiful, shifting patterns of diet and lifestyle are to ever growing nutritional gaps.

Take a look at your plate. Add colorful fruits and vegetables and a supplement program to help boost your nutrition, better health and mood.

We believe health is your greatest asset.  If the mind and body experience nutrient deficiencies, disease attack will throw the body out of sync. Build a strong defense with meditation, exercise, healthy meal and snack choices, and quality nutritional supplements.

At Health Zone FL, my quest for health and nutrition started with overcoming three cancer challenges. I opted out of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for alternative treatments. But my true motivation was many years earlier when my younger son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). I didn’t like the side effects of the prescribed medicines, so I sought alternatives. I made it my mission to find alternative treatments to help him become a productive young man and avoid being labeled in the educational system as a problem child from a dysfunctional home.

HZ helps people achieve optimal health by using a Functional Food Nutritional approach that address the whole person, not just a symptom. We aim to improve health. Combining resources such as: ‘Healthy Self’ articles, exercise, and nutritional supplements, we will help you soar to new heights. HZ has products to help your body regenerate healthy cells and improve itself.  

For more information, visit www.HEALTHZONEFL4U.life