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BRANDON STEINER Living on Purpose: Stories about Faith, Fortune, and Fitness That Will Lead You to an Extraordinary Life

by Mike Cutino
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By Fran Petito

Brandon Steiner releases his third and newest title, Living on Purpose which explores the three foundational pillars of a satisfying, successful, fulfilling existence; Faith, Fortune and Fitness. Drawing valuable lessons and strategies from the experiences of famous athletes and coaches, this enlightening guide will help you conquer your fear and get back into the game.

If you’ve spent years chasing your passion and still feel unfulfilled, or abandoned your dream long ago for complacent security, there’s something missing in your life. Steiner examines ways that you can reset, reenergize, and find true happiness if you stop focusing on your passion and discover your purpose instead.

Living on Purpose gives you the roadmap to the winner’s circle, because once you have a ‘why’ nothing can get in your way. It’s time to make a renewed commitment to yourself, your relationships and your dreams! Living on Purpose tells you that here are no shortcuts to your faith, fortune or fitness. If you want to achieve extraordinary things, it will require extraordinary effort and a deeply rooted purpose.

Brandon Steiner is an author, speaker and media personality. Steiner is Founder and Chairman of Steiner Sports Marketing and Memorabilia and considered to be a sports marketing guru. Steiner is a Founding Member and Board Chairman of his alma mater, Syracuse University. Steiner enthusiastically supports the Family Service League of Westchester and is a Board Member White Plains Hospital.

Steiner shares “People tend to postpone doing good with their wealth because it doesn’t show up on a profit-and-loss statement. Speaking as a businessperson, I admit that too many of us focus on line items, but it’s the stuff that falls below the line that makes the biggest impact. This was a big realization I had after I sold the company. I had been so concerned with doing well that I didn’t do enough good. Now my focus is on doing as much good as I can, the by-product of which is usually me doing well.”

Steiner Sports, founded in 1987 is the most successful sports memorabilia and marketing company with over $40 million in annual sales and the official memorabilia provider of the New York Yankees, New York Knicks, Derek Jeter, Odell Beckham Jr., the New York Rangers and many more!