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Nightlife Magazine™ has been published for over 40 years and has served as the leader in entertainment, music, dining, Broadway, travel, local events and more! To contact us about featuring your company, event or venue, email to m.nightlifemagny@gmail.com . For advertising inquiries please click here.


Michael J. Cutino
Chief Executive Officer & Publisher

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Editor In Chief

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Barbara Ann Kirshner
Frank Lombardo
Scott Buchter

Mickey Charles
Shawn Cooper
Rebecca Cutino

Marvin Krauss
Steven Krauss
Shania Gordon

Caryn Feldman
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Kyle Kloiber
Kelly Tobey

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Mike Cutino

New York Sportscene™

New York has some of the best sports teams in the country and New York Sportscene™ covers them all. Published for over 25 years, New York Sportscene™ is for the serious New York sports fanatic. For more sports news visit https://nysportscene.com/

Billboards on Wheels™

One of the largest outdoor mobile billboard companies in the Eastern US and provides one of the most unique and efficient advertising methods to many national brand campaigns. The fleets of trucks are lit at night and can reach drivers among many demographic communities. Capture more of your audience and provide a better return on your advertising investment. For rates and more information, visit www.BOW1.com.

The Drive Tee

Looking to improve your golf game? The Drive Tee is the answer to all of your problems. You can’t always blame the wind. Pick up a few of these drive tees and watch your golf game go up and your score go down. More yardage, accuracy, and a consistent height every time.